World class expertise and implementation systems...

Reveal provides a cost-effective suite of applications provided across an IP-based communications network which includes:

  • Web-based management in order to maximize system efficiency
  • Provided (KPI's) key performance indicators in order to optimize company policies and procedures
  • Ability to integrate with other systems used for scheduling and routing trips
  • An enhanced experience for the customer / end-user

Reveal’s unique software applications provide the ability to data-mine from any scheduling system that shows how trips are scheduled, then through utilization of real-time GPS information received and distributed through our application suite, we are able to compare the scheduled trips versus how the trips were actually performed.  

Reveal uses the data to provide detailed reports and analysis on how to interpret the data collected, identify the problems and reoccurring trends, and recommends solutions in how to proactively monitor scheduling efficiency and performance of those managing the service, and ultimately control the transportation costs in order to lower the overall cost.

Transportation Operations

Reveals' management professionals have more than 60 years of transportation operations management and technology experience in the transportation industry and have served agencies abroad of all sizes in both urban and non-urban areas.  Our goals include developing positive relationships to become long term partners with our customers. We are committed to enhancing an agencies use of operations technology and spend time in the field analyzing current work processes through direct observation.  Through our operations expertise and management tools we assist agencies in receiving the most out of their technology enabling them to provide the highest level of quality services for their customers