Reveal Workflow - Demand Response and Mobility Management Platform

Reveal's Transportation Workflow is changing the way work gets done within paratransportation agencies. Silos are being torn down and a collaborative work environment is being established to insure a simple yet effective way to manage a very complex business.

Reveal implements technology software for Transportation providers of any size. Reveal Technology introduces Workflow into reservations, scheduling, dispatching, and on-board software which serves the people who serve the rider.

Key System Components:

  • ScoreCard – generates reports to track inefficiencies
  • Template Builder – provides schedulers with multiple choices to build productive routes
  • Run-Cutter – provides most productive routes based on historical data and agency needs
  • Schedule Commit - provides schedulers with ability to review runs/routes in advance and complete an auto-check for costly inefficiencies   
  • Schedule Adherence – provides management with information as to what occurred and make adjustments for future trips
  • Data Verifier – provides management with ability to trust data accuracy
  • Work Tickets – defined by agency (parameters to track/monitor costly inefficiencies)
  • Dashboards – defined by management personnel (most important, costly measures needing daily oversight)


The goal is for the riders to get where they want to go in as little time as possible. Workflow allows the various parts of the paratransit system to work together to make the most efficient rider experience possible.

Transportation Operations



Trending Analysis Tools

  • Defined metrics are processed daily for quick trend analysis of issues affecting service that are cost prohibitive for an agency
  • Dashboards provide a graphical view of trends where issues can be easily identified, (i.e. charts, graphs, percentages)
  • RMS ScoreCard enables agencies to trend information in many different ways

Simplified and Effective Operations

  • Assemble a team responsible for completing tasks/responsibilities in a productive manner
  • Ensure a strategy for improvement is in place that best fits the specific needs of the agency
  • Implement tracking performance; set goals, assign accountability and monitor performance
  • Ensure workflow policies and procedures implemented provide a smooth flow of operations

Workflow Technology / Processes

  • Develop management and staff workflow procedures that ensures all daily/weekly/monthly tasks are completed timely and accurately
  • Ensure Agency defined issues are automatically assigned for resolution
  • Manage oversight of issues and status of resolutions
  • Develop daily close procedures 
  • Define Agency workflow procedures ensure identification and tracking of highest priority issues