Save Money

Reveal offers a preferred solution to public transit agencies and private transit providers because we actually save our client’s money. Reveal technology optimizes route efficiencies to reduce labor costs and improve a driver’s productivity while not compromising customer service to its riders.


Improve Customer Service

Our transit agencies riders prefer RMS because we offer them real-time predictive visibility to their schedules. We offer the right solution allowing patrons to relax and trust the predicted arrival time of their bus.


Increased Ridership

The public continues to respond to increased fuel costs. When an agency provides reliable services the public can count on for on-time performance and trusting the bus will be there at the posted time and reduce uncertainty whether the bus is on-time or when a disabled patron calls in to inquire about their pick up time transit agencies report a distinct increase in ridership.


Optimized Transit Planning


Optimal Transit efficiency depends on accurate operations data in order to balance loads and prevent over capacity and empty vehicles. Reveal Technologies comprise of a comprehensive management tool allowing agencies to improve service efficiency and customer service while reducing the overall cost to provide such services. Providing real-time technology providing a cost effective, win-win situation for everyone involved.


Optimized Management Planning

Reveal Technology offers Fixed Route, Commuter Service, Paratransit and Demand Response Run-cutting and Driver Bid Software that saves the User countless hours of creating a runcut by using scheduled and actual historical ridership data to ensure the right runcut is designed for agency needs. Then, by automating the Driver bid process ensuring to provide the proper coverage at the most economical expense.


Reveal provides reliability, cost-effectiveness, and features fitting small, medium and large systems with different size budgets. Our business strategy is to provide each of our clients with documented results and offer proven solutions that can be implemented to manage their operations in the most cost-effective manner.