Reveal Demand Response System

Improve Efficiencies and Customer Service...

Reveal’s Suite of Applications is one of a kind, and has been developed with the overwhelming challenges of providing more with less that an agency faces each day. We understand what it takes to manage a transit operation. We prefer to be proactive in our thinking and management capabilities and have developed the management tools every agency needs in order to proactively and proficiently manage those costly expenses. We simply provide the tools that solve transportation problems.

The Reveal Solution is an end-to-end platform which delivers the most comprehensive system available on the market. We have engineered the applications within the Suite in order to deliver proficient services to the end-user and improve their satisfaction of the services an agency provides. Our solution applies the knowledge Operations expertise and best workflow practices that affect an agency’s entire operation in the most proficient and cost-effective manner.

No company provides better operational performance; from taking a reservation, scheduling a trip in workflow, dispatching in real-time, receiving up-to-the-minute information in real-time for trips and driver performance, providing the optimal run-cut based on real data, providing the optimal driver bid in the easiest of fashions, or providing management with the tools and data to make the best business decisions. Reveal provides it all.

Key Features:

 Rider Registration

  • Centralized database of client information
  • Maintains pertinent information such as: contact information, addresses, eligibility dates, mobility aids


  • Ability to schedule in multiple manners: batch scheduling all trips, batch scheduling group trips, manual insertion of a single trip, Trip Fitting single or multiple trips based on closest vehicle or most efficient service-mapping and Geo-Coding

Mapping and Geo-Coding

  • Utilization of Google’s street network which provides fastest travel time or least amount of miles used for distance calculations
  • Provision of visual displays of map or satellite view to ensure precise geo-coding of addresses
  • Integration of Google Transit


  • Ability to optimize today’s schedule assignments in real-time
  • Ability to manage driver performance in real-time
  • Ability to manage vehicle operations
  • Ability to ensure drivers receive break assignments
  • Trip reconciliation and accurate post-trip validation

Comprehensive Reports and Dashboards

  • Provides management with detailed KPI’s for scheduling, dispatching, vehicle performance, driver performance, Patron utilization
  • Provides management with Operations information in real-time allowing for proper decision making

 Key Benefits

  • Increased ROI, (return on investment)
  • Reduction of overall costs
  • Increased On-Time Performance
  • Increased Productivity, (trips per hour)
  • Improved Customer Service
  • All-in-one system providing multi-user access and control from anywhere
  • Commitment to improving transportation services and communication to the end-user