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Reveal’s AdHoc reports application will generate the reports an agency is searching for. AdHoc reports allow your management team to create tickets for inefficiencies that occurred throughout the day.

 Our AdHoc reports application is used to generate tickets / permanent records based on costly inefficiencies that occur throughout the day. When the daily verification process has been completed it allows management to immediately review issues such as; first trip late, vehicles traveling extra miles between trip legs, slack time, excessive dwell time, etc. Management sets the metrics within the application regarding what they want to review and the issues are displayed on the screen. Personnel reviewing the information can open the issue and the Google map interface appears to display the inefficiency and allow management to make decisions from the information received.  

 Our AdHoc reports application enables users to create any number of reports and save the filter to be executed any time by any user. Industry experienced Reveal trainers train the end users on the use of this powerful tool, by setting up filters so the reporting needs are met from the first day the application is used.