Assess and improve your operations...

Reveal offers to provide a detailed Operations Assessment of an agency’s Paratransit, Fixed Route, Deviated Fixed or Flex Route, or Demand Response Operations. Our business strategy is to provide our clients with documented results and solutions that can be implemented. Reveal completes an operations assessment for clients in order to review current processes and compare to established best practices used in likewise situations or similar operations. It is paramount to always complete an operations assessment before implementing new technology in order to set a baseline for performance measures and expectations. Our operations assessment provides a structured, analytical approach to improving an operations performance.

Reveal experts complete an assessment in order to set key performance indicators for tracking specific costs. The key performance indicators and goals reported are based upon:

  • Changes to the Efficiency of the operation
  • Effectiveness it has on the operation
  • Increased Productivity without additional cost
  • Ease of Use of technology
  • Complete Trust and Security of information stored (Privacy)
  • Total Reliability of information received
  • Decreased Costs and on-going cost savings
  • Operational productivity measures (time it takes to perform new tasks if others weren’t eliminated, or functions within duties that were eliminated or joined with others)
  • Training time to get new users Proficient