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Reveal Customer Care   

Reveal understands that providing 24/7 availability and responsive customer support is critical to operating transportation services. Our Customer Support team is closely integrated with our Research and Development team to ensure the most responsive and informed personnel are available to assist our customers in the most proficient manner.

Our Customer Care Program frequency is listed in the table below:



24X7 issue resolution and monitoring via phone, email and fax


Online training sessions available per request


Application User Forums


Customer Satisfaction Survey

As Requested

Product upgrades, standard documentation, independent user forums


In addition to providing exemplary support to our customers, RMS offers several proactive forums that provide useful information to maximize the opportunities to increase the value of our solutions.

Our Support Call Center is open 8 am to 8 pm CST. After hours, our automated phone system pages our on‑call customer support specialist until your call receives a response.

We also manage email, fax, and online Issue reporting. For non-emergency support, clients may fax or e-mail their issue. All of these access points generate identical support service, and clients may choose the communication mechanism that is most convenient to them. Regardless of the manner our customers choose to report an issue, the manner of resolution is described below.

Incident Resolution

RMS has a well-established practice in place to ensure we respond quickly to issues reported by our clients. We collect the vital information about the request, then enter the assistance request into a queue and prioritized based on its severity. Regardless of the severity, the client is called to ensure the awareness of the situation. The work request is assigned to an RMS customer care specialist to ensure the issue is resolved in a most timely fashion.

Our customer care specialist will investigate the issue and make the appropriate modifications or provide the appropriate training to ensure the issue is resolved to the clients’ satisfaction.

Customer Care Email

RMS maintains a client-only support email for its registered users. The support email provides immediate services to our clients which include:

  • New user registration
  • Issue logging
  • Status tracking functions
  • Online request for assistance
  • Screenshot assistance
  • Online training assistance request


Online Training

RMS regularly holds online training classes as well as refresher training, on both our new applications and upgrades. Clients can register for online training and request such through our customer care support email. The course content is driver by client requests, as well as handled on a case by case basis to ensure client satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to improve the services and applications we provide our clients we provide our clients with a customer satisfaction survey to assist us in not only meeting, but exceeding our clients’ satisfaction with both our applications and services. The RMS executive management team reviews the results in order to develop the proper policy to provide exemplary customer satisfaction.

Upgrades and Documentation

Each of our clients receive unlimited upgrades to our applications annually for the term of our agreement. RMS continuously enhances its applications in order to better service our clients and assist them in providing a better service to the community they serve. There are no additional license fees to receive upgrades to our applications.

If a client wishes/requests new applications or services to be provided, our research and development staff are available to scope the effort required to design and develop such application, and provide cost details in a manner to provide the best value to their business, as well as aid in the implementation and training process.

Upgrades are typically undertaken on an annual basis.


Clients are eligible for all standard documentation, which includes updated user manuals, new versions, quick reference guides, etc. All documentation may be acquired by contacting the RMS Customer Care Support Line.