Reveal is a privately-held software-as-a-service firm primarily focused on providing operations management software systems for transportation agencies.  

Our applications are provided across an IP-based communications network.  The Analytical Operations Management System and services Reveal provides are uncompromising in the provision of business intelligence for a transit agency.  We perform a detailed operations assessment, and work closely with our clients to develop a predetermined performance outcome.

Our unique software application utilizes the data from any scheduling system that shows how trips are scheduled.  Through utilization of real-time GPS information received and distributed through our operations management system, we compare the scheduled trips to actual performance.  Providing management with the documentation necessary to make informed decisions.  We assist our clients to improve performance issues and the Reveal Analytical Operations Management System offers our customers a Command Center Dashboard allowing executive management the monitoring capabilities necessary to make advanced, proactive decisions when packaged with one of our GPS partners’ tracking software.  When packaged with GPS, our applications enable our customers to deploy their vehicles with real-time route verification.  Allowing them to respond to customer questions and provide time and proof service.

Our comprehensive management reports are designed for agencies of all sizes and focuses on improving performance, customer service, and decreasing costs.  Reveal assists agencies to decrease their operating costs, increase productivity, increase on-time performance, reduce non-revenue miles, reduce mileage expenses, and reduce driver’s wages. We provide tools to substantially reduce fuel cost related to transportation services.  Our reports compare hours worked versus hours scheduled, as well as track unauthorized stops, excessive slack time and dwell time within specific legs of a route.  In addition, our reports provide management with accurate validation of the cost of each trip, allowing them to address issues needing resolution.